Differentiate Excel-Data with Information

Hi is there any Option that the Bot can differentiate the type of this Excel-Tables? If typ(left) do this and if this type (right) do this.
Thank you


  1. read range
  2. Filter datatable - Col1 contains “@” (dt_Filter)
  3. If dt_Filter.rows.count>0 then type(left) or type(right)

Hi @LeTH23 ,

If you were referring to differentiating between those values with Hyperlinks, and those without, then you can use BalaReva’s EasyExcel Package → Extract Hyperlink Activity retrieve a DataTable of Hyperlinks if the excel contains any.

But if you were referring simply to those which contains email ids, you can use a For Each Row in DataTable with a nested If Activity like so →

If Activity


If this evaluates to true, then it is an Email Address.

Kind Regards,
Ashwin A.K

Thank you. I will try this.

Great! Thank a lot.

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