I’m a beginner with UiPath and working on a project.

In my project, it requires me to send different attachment saved in a particular folder to multiple recipients. There are 8 different attachments and 8 different recipients.

Request somebody to guide me the process please?


Hi @Mohammed_Ameer

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to do the process
you can loop through each files in folder and then use send mail activity to send mail along with attachment

it would be good if u explain ur process in details


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Thank you Nived.

My project is about sending e-mails to different clients about the stock market portfolio they have.

I have 8 different clients with multiple portfolios.

Project is to capture a stock value price from MoneyControl website for each company they have invested in and update an excel. Once the excel is updated I will have send them e-mails with their respective attachments.

To begin with I have broken down the project in 3 components

  1. Uploading the transaction to orchestrator - I have managed to upload only 1 excel and the transaction are reflecting in orchestrator, but I dont know how to upload the rest 7 excels

  2. Data scrapping - This is working fine and data is getting capture however there is one filed where we are not able to capture the data on the website as the cursor is showing horizontal. I have parked that issue for now. Any advise will be great.

  3. Sending e-mails - I have created an excel with client details and their e-mail ids however I can figure out how to create the loop and attach a specific attachment to email.

Let me know if you any clarification.

Hi @Mohammed_Ameer

I think u may have two Excel files one with

Client details and their mails

Client details and their company they had invested.

I hope I am correct


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Perfect, that is correct.

I have 1 excel with e-mail ids and 8 excels for 8 different clients.

If possible can u share the screenshot of sample excel files ?


For your case, May be maintaining one sheet with different clients and 1 sheet with email ids.

In 1 sheet you will have the stock list and Client name

That will be easy to sort the client name and stock prices

Hope this helps you


Each excel if for different client.

That would help however we will have to send separate excel to each client.

Quick question - Would it be easy to merge excel and once data capture is done and break it as per each client and then send the mail.


You can merge it in one sheet and use for each row activity to perform the data capture.

Once its done you can use email sheet and sort the data using the username and write to a separate excel sheet then you can upload that excel sheet to the particular id.

Hope this helps you