Different websites but same process


I made a sequence for a website that extracts tables and it works perfectly. The problem is that this website changes its tables every few months and if i use a link that was a few months ago it does not run. I found out that it is becaue in one of my Extract Data activities, the ExtractMetaData has a title saved and i want to know if there is anyway to omit it so that it would be more general. What I mean by this is that I would like to somehow omit the title in bold so that it would work for all dates not only the one present:

column exact=‘0’ name=‘Nombre’ attr=‘text’ name2=‘URL’ attr2=‘href’>
webctrl tag=‘div’ class=‘container’ idx=‘1’/
webctrl tag=‘div’ class=‘row’ idx=‘1’/
webctrl tag=‘div’ class=‘col-sm-12’ text=‘La presente cartera agregada fue construida con la información recibida en la Superintendencia de Pensiones hasta las 12:59 horas del día 3 de diciembre de 2019.’ idx=‘1’/
webctrl tag=‘table’ class=‘table’/
webctrl tag=‘tbody’ idx=‘1’/
webctrl tag=‘tr’ idx=‘2’/
webctrl tag=‘td’ idx=‘2’/
webctrl tag=‘ol’ idx=‘1’/
webctrl tag=‘li’/
webctrl tag=‘a’ idx=‘1’/

Thank you!

Hi @ap.macarena.diaz - You can use wildcard ‘*’ in the title i.e. ('La presente cartera agregada fue construida *)


I have tried that but it does not work. It simply stops the process because it does not find where to continue.