Different Ways To Get Access To Automation Hub

What are the different ways to get access to Automation Hub?

Below are the different ways to get access to Automation Cloud and the Automation Hub,

  1. Accessing your company's Automation Hub account
    • If your organization already has an Automation Hub organization account, ask the System Admin to invite you in the organization's account and sign up using the email or SSO.
  2. Creating a Trial Organization account
    • If your organization does not have Automation Hub yet, set up a trial account to enhance your learning experience with real practice. Once you create a new account, you will be granted the Account Owner and System Admin roles.
  3. Accessing Automation Hub through Automation Cloud
    • You can also access Automation Hub via Automation Cloud, where it is available as a service. You can access and start using Automation Hub by signing in to your Automation Cloud trial account.
    • If you already have an Automation Cloud community account, you will need to upgrade to Trial to see the Automation Hub service.
  4. Using Azure Active Directory to log in
    • If you are an enterprise user who uses Active Directory for user management, also access Automation Hub via the Azure Active Directory integration with Automation Cloud. This integration enables you to connect your Automation Cloud account directly to an Azure Active Directory tenant, thus integrating Automation Cloud capabilities with your existing IT user management infrastructure.

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Steps on how to access the Automation Hub Service on Automation Cloud for new users:

In order to be able to access the Automation Hub system, there are a few steps that have to take in the right order as follows:

  1. Open the first email, subject: You are invited to Join the UiPath Automation Cloud
  2. Click on the Accept invite - Note: In case of issues further right click on the accept invite URL ->Copy the URL-> open it in Google incognito mode
  3. Fill in your First and Last Name - if this window does not pop up then use the suggestion above to open the browser in Incognito Mode
  4. You should be redirected straight to the Automation Hub instance.

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