Different Unit of Measure for One Time People Cost

Could there be a way to have one time people costs based on a different unit of measure other than per day? My organization users an implementation partner that prices builds based on complexity rather than time to build, so the current per day cost doesn’t really work for this. It would also be nice if there way a way to add custom types of people costs. For example “Rpa developer- Partner Name - Medium Complexity” and have the cost that they base a medium build on so that it can be added to the cost benefit analysis of an automation.


Please see the user guide:
" The User Role drop-down is populated with the roles that have already been set up in the Admin Console ."

So for your scenario "“Rpa developer- Partner Name " just go in Admin Console > Manage Users > User Roles > Collaborator roles, and define the roles that interest you to include the partner name. Then you will see them in Admin Console > Platform Setup > Cost Setup > One Time Costs-Implementation People Costs.

Regarding the way to define it (not per day, but as fixed price per complexity type aka have 3 templates), we will consider this improvement for the medium term future. In the meantime, you can adjust the total cost with the team directly when you apply it in the idea, in the Cost-Benefit Analysis page, such that the total cost with the team reflects the cost invoiced by your partner.

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