Different type of pdf file

Dear all,

i have different type of format pdf file as follow:

  1. Electronic generated pdf file
  2. Scanned document as pdf file
  3. Inverted pdf file

I have two queries that would like to clarify:

  1. Can uipath able to recognise the above type of format pdf as i have multiple pdf file which consist of above format?
  2. Can Uipath detect whether it is inverted or not and change it to uninverted version?

Thank you.

Regarding your queries 1. and 2.: Yes and yes. I’m pretty sure UiPath can do this as they have been very busy improving the whole Document Understanding suite.

Check out:

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Hi @SH_94
answering to ur thrid question, whether uipath can detect innverted pdf or not, well u can try out integration with python, they had some modules to check its rotation angle by which u can see whether a pdf is inverted or not.

Nived N

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