Different results from manual started or triggered automation

Hello everbody,

I am trying to find out why my developed automation behave differently when it is started by a trigger in orchestrator or started manually in orchestrator or assistant.
I have developed an automation that should read data from a mainframe program.
To get the data I have to use a region and write it into a Data Table. In the end the collected data will be written to an Excel file.
Whenever or where ever I start the automation manually it works fine and I get the wished result but when it is started by a trigger in orchestrator the result of the excel file is not the data of the defined region but anything else.
I first thought that it may be due to the monitor resolution on the machine the robot works but after I changed this the strange result by the triggered automation was the same as before.

I would appreciate any help for my problem.

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Hi there @sigrid.ogden,
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What is the error you receive when triggering the process?
Also, are you making use of Community or Enterprise?

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Hi Josh,
thanks I am well. Hope you are too.

I am using Enterprise.
The error is that the defined region is not the same when the process is triggered as when it is started manually.
I just found out that when I started the process manually and I am watching the process on the desktop then the region is the same as it was when I was debugging it in Studio.
When it is triggered it runs completely unattended and I got the wrong result.

Does the roboter opens the windows unattended in a different size as it will when its being watched on the desktop?

Sorry, if I am not expressing myself correctly. English is not my native language.(German would be better :wink:)

Thanks for the support and king regards