Different issue while running performer section in uipath assignment 2

Getting issue in performer section. It is downloading individually for all 12 months. But while trying to upload getting issue. Please help debug the issue.

It’s hard to debug the issue if all you are showing us is an attach browser error. Did you check your attach browser activity?

No. Now it is a different issue while running performer. After downloading for all months, while uploading for year there is an issue.

Have attached the screenshot. Please help debug

Could you send your project so I can take a look?



I have sent the entire project. Let me know what i am missing

I need access


Are you able to access

It is taking a long time to restore dependencies.

ok. Let me know once you are able to access

Ok, one thing I want to point out is that make sure the text you are removing via substring is the same as browser message that was outputted. You typed in “Report was uploaded and the confirmation id is” when it should have been Report was uploaded - confirmation id is… and so on. Second, instead of making a new argument just to store the copied text, just reuse your out_UploadID and assign it to itself with the substring.

First point I got it and modified accordingly. Second point is not clear. Can you elaborate it and make it clear for me. So that will implement accordingly

You meant, I have to define in variable section instead of putting in argument section. Correct me if I am wrong.

You used two different arguments, out_UploadID and UploadConfirmation. You can just assign the output of get text activity to out_UploadID and then in the assign activity just do out_UploadID = out_UploadID.substring(“insert your text”.Length).

Your UploadConfirmation is taking in UploadID variable outside the invoked process, but that variable has no value because you did not specify it outside nor did you have an out argument that will populate that variable. Also I do not see the point of why you need this argument.

Have changed as per your suggestion and ran it. But still same issue. Let me know what I need to add further. I have attached screenshot for your reference

I have removed upload confirmation and replaced with out_uploadID as per your suggestion

Will test it and let you know

Add a write line activity to print the contents of out_UploadID before the assign activity. There could be an issue where your get text activity is actually getting nothing at all.

Means after assign out_uploadID right. I have added. Let me know where I need to add as it is not clear

Got it. Understood