Different Excel file of SAP Data(various T-code) needs to be merged in one excel but in different Sheet

Hi Team,

Need your kind support as i want to merge different excel file which I have extracted from SAP (Various T-codes)

There are total 5 files which I want to save it in one with different sheets.

Example: Excel file 1 name as–> A1
Excel file 2 name–> D2
Excel file 3 name–> G3
Excel file 4 name–> J4
Excel file 5 name–> M5

Want to save above all 5 files in one excel name as XYZ which should have different sheet as A1 D2 G3 J4 M5

Please help.


  1. First read all excel files from that folder.

     excelFiles [] = Directory.GetFiles("Folder path","*.xlsx")
  2. And then use ForEach loop activity to iterate one by one Excel file.

  3. And also store that sheet names in one array of string variable.

  4. Use Read Range activity inside that loop to read excel file and write that output into final excel sheet using Write Range activity and pass the sheet name from array of string.

@lakshman Do you have any xaml file for the same, it will help me to get the clarity.


Sorry i don’t have any examples.

Try above mentioned steps and if you face any issues then let me know.