Different content

Hello All

As per video demo the content is different (drop down) for creating automation vs content as per my studio. Is there any way we can find the same content.



Can you please tell more details about the issue for better understanding. Please take screenshot and share it here.


Whenever academy starts the course there will be a disclaimer made that the video content might be of old version and it won’t make a big difference with the version we use
May be the layout might differ but functionality remains the same

So don’t worry it’s common
But academy courses get updated in timely basis

Hope this clarifies your query

Cheers @aditaga

Thank you lakshman and Palaniyappan

Yes I understand that the layout is different however is there any way where I can identify which option to use instead of the layout which is not available. As I am a new learner its quite difficult to understand which layout to select etc. Any pointer on this is highly helpful.

Thank you in advance


That videos will show the approach and that needs to be implemented in your scenario

You can share the website/application you are currently having difficulty with. That will help us to help you better

Thank you Rahul. I am using the below version of studio. Also is there any video/course that talks about variable and string etc. in detail as I am new to this course. Also looks like you missed sharing the video link that you mentioned. Could you please share it.