Different behaviour in run mode and debug mode

Hello UIPath community,

when I am debugging my robot application I do not get any errors in the console.
Everything seems to go well. As soon as I switch to run mode, I get a couple of errors.

The task of the application is to update/insert some data into an SQL database.
I am using UiPath Studio to develop the robot.

Do you have an idea, why this different behaviour can occur?

Thank you very much for your help…

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If we are running under debug mode and if that doesn’t give us any error then we won’t be getting any error in normal mode as well, for sure
But still may I know what is the error you were getting while executing
Are we running that process from orchestrator
If so is the right process is run

Cheers @robotix

thanks for replying.
There is no orchestrator in place. It is only one robot and one process.

The errors come when I try to insert data into a SQL database.
In debug mode this runs well. In run mode I get different internal table values
which create an error when inserting in the DB.

I also tried to add delays, but this did not help. Thanks!

Cheers @Palaniyappan

If possible can I have a view in the error with screenshot
Cheers @robotix