Different behavior of one action in different projects

I had a program, I decided to supplement it, and in order to test it, I made a second project, everything went well, now nothing works for me during implementation … the same data (see table) the same steps and formulas, how i can solve it?

The problem is that I can’t access a specific array element like in example #1.


Ideally we will be using like this CurrentRow(2).ToString

Can you try this and check


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Hi @SanyaCLAUS
Can you check both projects settings and let us know if they are identical? what version of studio are you on? The two projects may not be under same language VB.net/C# and this affects syntax.
Also, please use the exact same syntax in the 2 projects, you might have missed a space/.
If you can share both projects if that’s possible, that would be helpful.

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Hello @SanyaCLAUS
In example 2 there is semicolon in after .ToString it is not there in example 1. We dont need semicolon when syntax is of Vb.net

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