Difference of Action Center and Validation

What is the difference between Action Center and Present Validation Data/Present Classification Data ?
In my project I have implemented Present Validation then why do I need to use Action Center ?

If I understand correctly, the “Present” activities are for attended automations. The Validation and Classification Actions are for unattended automations to create an action, then you use the Wait activities to suspend execution until the Action is completed in Action Center.


Action Center : basically if we re using the action center means it requires the ‘HUMAN INTERVENTION IS NEEDED’ if we are having any situation like what ever the fields are extracting if threshold confidence was less or any way sending pdfs having less confidence ,based on conditions then we will push that pdf to action center and map the values and from there we can save and continue …so it will resume in code so required further two activities and one package require to use use action center

  1. Create Document Validation Action
    2.Wait For Document Validation Action And Resume
    3.package = UiPath.persistence.Activities

Present Validation Data/Present Classification Data

  • you are dealing with multiple document types within a single file. This is a particularly important case, because if the automatic classification is wrong, or reports too few / too many pages within a class, if data extraction is also required downstream, then the data extraction component would be applied to the wrong content.

  • you need 100% accuracy in classification and there are no other ways of validating that the classification results are correct.

  • present validation data we can check while running the code in debugging mode it may extracted or not correctly and we can see the confidence score also but it may not be use in Unattended mode because it will open and it will take time to close,it requires human intervention … manually to save and close sooo…

Hi @Ritaman_Baral

“Action Center” is a centralized platform for managing and executing actions and decisions related to business processes. It allows users to interact with tasks, review information, and make informed choices.

“Present Validation Data” and “Present Classification Data” are activities used in UiPath’s Document Understanding framework, typically employed in Intelligent Document Processing scenarios. These activities are used to present data to human operators for validation or classification purposes. “Present Validation Data” displays extracted data from documents for validation, while “Present Classification Data” displays documents for human review and classification.

Hope you understand!!

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