Difference between web.mail and net.mail in the type specified for mail messages in Lesson 11

In Lesson 11 on Email Automation I had to specify the type of mail messages as List.System.Net.Mail.MailMessages as instructed in the lesson. Why cannot it be specified as List.System.Web.Mail.MailMessages?What is the difference between the 2 types?

System.Net.Mail.MailMessages is a newer and better type introduced in .Net Framework 2.0 to replace the System.Web.Mail.MailMessages type. You should always use System.Net.Mail.MailMessages if possible and all mail activities in UiPath Studio are using the newer one.
All data types that starts with System are from Microsoft .Net Framework and you can find lots of information about them on google or on msdn library, for example:


I have checked the sites shared by you and I am clear about my problem. Thanks.