Difference between UI Path forum and the UI Path Connect


I’m new here, anyone who could help me differentiate between UI Path forum and the UI Path Connect?

UiPath Connect! is officially launched!


Here iam sharing a link for better understanding UiPath Go and connect

Hope this helps!!!


Forum, as you can see is for topic discussions. Connect is a platform to show the achievements from other spaces.


Hi @Stephen_Simon

Forum is a place to directly help other users with their robots or ask for some help yourself.

UiConnect is a place to showcase yourself, your achievements and to collaborate with fellow UiPath enthusiasts.


Hello @ovi, following this question asked… I actually would like to know what’s the difference instead between UiPath Go and UiPath Connect! I mean, in both platforms… from what I understood… you can add your own components and projects! What’s the appropriate place you can suggest for people to add either some fun project or some serious project? For example… on Marketplace there’s some Robot Packs like the Clothing Consultant, the Movie Junkie and so on…

Can you provide some more concrete distinction between both platforms?

Thanks in advance.


Hey @moreirasa1 loved the question! We built Connect! to enable users to have a centralized profile displaying their achievements in the different UiPath Spaces: Academy, Forum, Go etc. We added also a Projects space as part of Connect - I know it is a bit confusing :frowning: , but found it faster to deliver it together with Connect rather than a separate platform (space) as it should rightfully be. Here is our vision:

  • Academy - a space where users learn to use our tool. In the future, we plan to engage everyone in the community to also become teachers, by creating courses which will be published on the Academy or by leading webinars on specific subjects. Stay tuned!
  • Go! - a space where users become creators - crafting all sorts of automation reusable components.
  • Projects - a space where users publish their RPA related ideas. Ideas that may have different outcomes: some of them can become reusable components that will end up being published on Go, others can become Academy courses, webinars, blog posts, technical articles we plan to support to be published on the media etc
  • Forum - well, you know what Forum is :slight_smile: the core collaboration space for the UiPath users. In the upcoming releases to bring Connect and Go even closer to the Forum, as we will bring up Forum discussions directly on Go and Projects!
    But to answer clearly your question: if you have a reusable component that you consider ready to use (hence you way passed the ideation phase) - publish it on Go! not on Projects, but if you have a nice idea of a potential reusable component, however the code is not ready or you are looking for help to get it completed, publish it on Projects. Once the Project has been completed - aka the reusable component is ready for general consumption, publish it on Go!.[In the future releases we will link the originating project with the reusable component from Go! and automate the publishing process].
    Happy to answer any other questions. :slight_smile:

UiPath Connect! is officially launched!

UiPath forum is something that we can discussion upon the problem and solution statements, can accept various opinions on problem statements, explore the thing going around RPA world and various announcements by Uipath,

Whereas Uipath Connect is kind of professional social networking for all uipath users to showcase their achievements and professional background.

This is my understanding…opinions may change as per how we take these two valuable platforms… :slight_smile: :sunny:


You nailed it @byeole.hr !



Thank you so much…will look forward to contribute and learn as much as i can :slight_smile:

& Yes I can say that “This is great platform for learning together”