Difference between screenless robot and robot with screen

Hi everyone,

I just wonder that is there a any difference with cloud machine and normal desktop robots with screen? Because my machines are desktop and I ordered cloud machines in the future i will use it for the same processes. Will any problem occur at that time? Any idea?


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Any idea here?

Hi there @berkay,
When you say you ordered cloud machines, what do you mean?

For instance, are you talking about the cloud-based licenses from UiPath, or do you mean you are setting up a cloud-based VM within Azure/AWS?

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Hi @Mr_JDavey firstly thanks for your reply,

Actually I just want to say we are planning to setting up cloud-based VM machines, and i am wondering if there is any difference between this machine and normal computers. Because some processes (which contains image exist for example) are not working on VM. Even resolutions are same.

Hi there @berkay,
Okay, gotcha!

In theory, there should be no difference, they should run and act in the same way.
To clarify, you have a UiPath Process that relies on surface automation (images, OCR, etc.), which work when run locally against the target applications, but fails to work when run on your cloud-based VM (despite having an identical resolution)?

What is the error you are receiving? - Is it noting that the image could not be found, or something different?

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