Difference between Retry Scope and Find Element

Hi everyone,

I’m so much confused with Retry Scope and Find Element.

And which one to choose it to click an element

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Both are different purpose, for example, as the following.

If there is possibility to timeout for click before the target element appears, using FindElement in advance will be helpful.

If there is possibility to fail to click for some reason, it’s better to to use RetryScope activity.

We can also use both at the same time in some cases.


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You can use Click activity and indicate specified element to click on it. Is the element always appear on the screen the one you want to click on it ?

Find Element - It will look for specified element existing or not in the page. If it exists then it will return output as UiElement.

Thanks for ur reply.

Will keep it in my mind…

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Thanks Lakshman for ur reply.

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