Difference between Read Range Classic Modern and Workbook

Hi all,

Only checking in with the best practice on using these activities:

  • seeing they are giving me the same output and format.
  • But different processing speeds

I tested a sample sheet on my side on 2061 rows, here is my result:


I want to use the File–> Workbook Activity as it read and writes in 4 sec for 2061 rows.

Thank you


Workbook - this will not open excel as application …it tries to read the data from excel file directly from backend…so would be faster for reading and writing.It does not need excel application to be installed

Classic/modern - both the functionality is same…modern has a different layout and more options…both will need excel application to be installed and will open the excel in the application only

Hope this helps


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Thanks @Anil_G

Then best to use “Workbook” and “Data table” activities as much as possible.

Only when other Excel process is needed besides reading and writing, then use Modern/Classic.

Thanks, I’m trying to be efficient in my flows.

Thanks again

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