Difference between Form and Intelligent Form Extractor

May I know what is the difference between these 2 extractors, and what types of document would be suitable for each of these 2 extractors ? Can they both be trained by Train Extractors Scope ?

Hi @RebeccaMike

Form Extractor (FE) is capable of processing fixed forms at this moment, and so is Intelligent Form Extractor (IFE).
The difference between the two is that the IFE allows you to mark certain fields as being handwritten, and it uses a handwriting OCR service to try to retrieve the handwritten content of those fields or cells, while FE can only retrieve the text that is found during digitization within the same area for a field.
The second difference is that IFE allows you to mark certain fields as “signature” fields, case in which it will try to determine if the area you have selected for that field is empty or does contain a signature.

Neither one of these two extractors has learning capabilities as of yet. (we do have a bunch of things on the roadmap though so keep an eye on them).

The only extractor with learning capabilities is the Machine Learning Extractor, which uses an ML model behind, which can be retrained to your liking.

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Got it. Thanks @Syed_Muhammad_Salman

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