Difference between ExcelReadRange and ReadRange

What is the differense of the way how to WORK ExcelReadRange and ReadRange?
(I know about the way how I USE them properly.)

■two things as follows happened to me.
I failed to get a datatable from an excel by using ExcelReadRange (under “Excel”) activity, but succeeded by using ReadRange activity (under “Workbook”).
The failure is that it took very long time to get datatable. No error message had occured, and actually succeeded to get a datatable finally - after a long time.
I failed to write a datatable into an excel by using ExcelWriteRange (under “Excel”) activity, but succeeded by using WriteRange activity (under “Workbook”).
The failure is that no result is found on the excel file, in spite of that the ExcelWriteRange activity has done.

■The situation is as follows;
・I have Office applicaton in my execution environment.
・There was no change from the time I used under “Excel” activities to the time I used under “Workbook” activities.
・Both of the trial, the excel file was closed when the robot has started execution.
・I made sure below;
—there is no mistake at the name of the file, the sheet and the variable.
—I wrote two doublequotationmarks in the space where to start read/write a datatable.
—the excel data is not empty (when tried to ExcelReadRange).
—the datatable is not empty (when tried to ExcelWriteRange).
—both data was not so large i think. about 500 rows and 80 columns.

■I guess there is something different between the way how two kind of antivities work.
Do you have any ideas?


Excel ReadRange requires a Application Scope, also it require excel to install in the machine, It is useful when you are using .xls files

but .xlsx files don’t require any excel installation, for this type we can directly use ReadRange

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Thank you for replying.
Actually I already know how to use them, but I don’t know what happens behind the activities and what differs between when ExcelReadRange runs and ReadRange runs.

There must be something different between them, because sometimes the one can work while the other one cannnot work, at the same time, the same situation, under proper usages to each other. (Such as the sample above)

If you have any ideas, please tell me!