Difference between connector and package

I hear a lot like a Uipath connector for certain certain application has been developed.
And when I see it working actually, it seems like installing a package.
Can anyone tell me the difference between connector and package?

Thank you.

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hi @Daun
about package is below

and connector is custom development one and its develop by someone using some extra packages on uipath packages list , so some are not install by default on your pc and if you need it you have to install it.

so when you download a connector and start to use it , its required relevant packages to install on your pc , then its automatically creating the dependencies and install those packages

So can I assume that both of them work in a similar way?

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Here you go

Custom Activities

Custom Activities are components which you will can install and drag-and-drop into your workflows in UiPath studio. They should cover areas which are not already handled by the default activities and activity packs which come with UiPath Studio.


Snippet are ready-made bits of code which you can invoke / include in your own workflows in UiPath Studio. They should be reusable for as many users, environments and processes as possible. These snippets use the same deployment, versioning and release management as the custom activities.

Workflow Template

Workflow Template are frameworks that help you get started with new projects, swiftly and easily. With an already established structure, your team’s productivity will be boosted, regardless which projects they are working on, by facilitating best practices such as modularity, reusability, maintainability and extensibility.


Connector can either be Application Connectors, meaning components which enable the UiPath product to “talk” to other applications, or Data Connectors, which are components enabling the UiPath product to connect to external data sources.


Dashboards are ready-made and can be deployed by users on their environments. They will use the UiPath robot’s logs as a data source and can be made in Kibana or any other reporting / BI platform.

Machine Learning Models

Machine Learning Models are the output generated when a machine learning algorithm is trained with data and can be used inside a project. Machine Learning Algorithms are applications of artificial intelligence, based on the idea of learning from experience and provided data inputs, rather through explicit programming.


Solution are End to End Process Automations created on the basis of UiPath Core Products, UiPath OEM and Add-On products solving domain and industry specific business problems. These solutions consist of UiPath process flow definitions with examples and templates, how-to documentations as well as Binary or Non-Binary Workflow Libraries.

Cheers @Daun


yes kind of similar
but some connectors come with total framework can be directly open through studio and run

some are just nuget package that have to put in to your .nuget folder

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