Difference between 20.10.X and 2020.10.X

Is there a difference between 20.10.X and 2020.10.X?

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No :slight_smile:

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Okay thank you, got an email regarding a Vulnerability in Orchestrator. Something to do with “Storage Buckets”. Do you have more info about this or is there a topic in this forum about it?
It is from March 1,2021.

Correct, the spotted issue is already patched in the latest patch release 2020.10.7. You can find more details in our Release Notes here:

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If my studio, robot and orchestrator is 2020.10.2. Is it enough that I only update the orchestrator to 2020.10.7 or do I need to upgrade the studio and robot too?

Is it(orchestrator) backward compatible with older versions of the studio and robot installed?

And where can I get a new version of the platform/orchestrator installer?

Updating only Orchestrator should be fine.

The link to the latest downloads is available either via our Automation Cloud Enterprise

or in the case of the on-premise installations by contacting our technical support here:

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Thank you for you help and time.

Have a nice weekend!

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