Difference b/w Retry in Config File and Retry in Queue in Orchestrator

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May I know the differene between Retry in Orchestrator queue and Retry in Config File.
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The main difference is where you’re configuring the number of retries. Obvious as it sounds, setting the Config file to retry in Orchestrator means you manage retries in Orchestrator, whereas if you set the retry count in the Config file to something greater than 0, you’ll manage it in the Config file.

Really it depends on how you want to manage the retries. I’ve found it easier to manage retries of transaction items through Orchestrator, whereas I use the Config file for processes which cannot use an Orchestrator queue to run. You can simulate the behavior of the Orchestrator retry functionality in the Config file, however, if you save the Config file to a network drive and make modifications thorough that copy.


In simple terms,

Retry in Orchestrator - When you use orchestrator queues in your workflow.
Retry in Config - When you do not use orchestrator queues in your workflow.

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Thank u Karthik.

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