Did anyone manage to solve exercises with the “Copy to clipboard” command?

Did anyone manage to solve exercises with the “Copy to clipboard” command? How can I use that command? I do not understand how the command can be used?

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Hi Codex! To “copy to clipboard” you have to click on this icon

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:grinning: Easy! I didn’t sow that button! :slight_smile: OK! I have solve the first part of exercise! Now the second part: how to automaticly paste the value in notepad? (Ctrl + V)

I trust you’ll find a way to use the Keyboard Shortcut :smiley:

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:)) work with fingers and without fingers :)) Tks a lot!

I’ve tried many buttons but still can’t paste by [Ctrl + V], could anybody help, please?

Hey! You just need to enter “[d(ctrl)]v[u(ctrl)]” (without quotes) in your Type Into activity.


“[d(ctrl)]v[u(ctrl)]” (without quotes) in your Type Into activity and it works!


Thank U so much!!!

No problem, buddy!

That’s one way, but there’s actually an action dedicated for keyboard shortcuts that should be used in this case.


Thank you, Bianca! This came in even handier!

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Keyboard shortcuts are much more accessible.

[d (ctrl)] v [u (ctrl)] do not know what it is and how it works (it is something like regular expression) although it seems to work!

Keyboard shortcuts are much more intuitive!

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I used the Copy to clipboard by using the click function and clicked on the little double square copy to clipboard icon.

Then outside of the user browser function, I used the “use application” function to select note pad (you must have notepad already open to do this).

Then I used “keyboard shortcuts” and clicked record, i then typed “control v” which is to paste.


You can use Send Hotkey even more easy.

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Yes, I solved it. Password Generator exercise - I used Get Text->Write Text File activities in solving it. Let me know if that worked for you.

Thanks for your awesome response @Bianca.Dragu :slight_smile:

@Codex @Simon_G you can also use the “Get From Clipboard” activity to fetch the text stored in clipboard and “Set To Clipboard” activity to set/store text in clipboard.

Send Hotkey was easy solution for this.

Hi Rahul, that is a great solution that applies to automation projects in Studio. In StudioX, the practice can be solved with a Keyboard Shortcut action or some Click actions.

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I was able to solve using copy to clipboard using keyboard shortcut - Ctrl+v but could not right click and select paste.

After clicking f2 and waited for 5 second, I clicked on paste, the paste option was not recorded , instead the whole notepad text window was selected.

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