Did anyone create an account on https://demo.druidplatform.com/account/

Here, I want to signup on demo.druidplatform.com but here is not signup link can anyone share the link. I am learning chatbot and uipath integration.


@sriramvarma I am asking for Druid, not for Orchestrator.

Hi @balkishan,
Even I tried to sign up for druid but din find any sign up link. So, try posting the question in the question section which is in the bottom of the page.
@ovi, can you please look into the issue and help us in signing up.
Let us know if you were able to sign in to druid,
Pavan H

Hi @pavanh003
Sure I will let you know bro :slight_smile:

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@pavanh003, @balkishan, guys I was able to set the trial account and I am completing the Academy Training with that one :wink:
You need to navigate to this link and follow the steps - DRUID Conversational AI License Activation

I hope this will help.