How can we read the Dictionary variable in the UI Automation can someone please help me with this answerer

Hi @npal

  1. Use an Assign Activity: Assign the Dictionary variable to a new variable of type Dictionary<TKey, TValue>.
dictionaryVariable = yourOriginalDictionaryVariable`
  1. Loop Through Dictionary: You can use a For Each activity to loop through the dictionary items.

    • Select the dictionary variable you assigned in step 1 as the β€œIn” field.
    • Use variables to store the key and value within the loop.
  2. Access Key and Value: Within the loop, you can access the key and value using the variables you defined.

    • To access the key: currentKey = item.Key
    • To access the value: currentValue = item.Value
  3. Perform Automation: Now, you can use the currentKey and currentValue variables in your UI automation activities.


Assign: employeeDictionary = employeeDetails

For Each (TypeArgument: KeyValuePair(Of String, String))
  item = employeeDictionary
  Assign: currentEmployeeID = item.Key
  Assign: currentEmployeeName = item.Value
  // Use currentEmployeeID and currentEmployeeName for UI Automation
  // Perform actions based on the employee details
End For Each

Hope it helps!!


Assign studentInfo = New Dictionary(Of String, Integer)()
studentInfo.Add(β€œAlice”, 25)
studentInfo.Add(β€œBob”, 22)
studentInfo.Add(β€œCarol”, 27)

For Each KeyValuePair In studentInfo
Assign currentName = KeyValuePair.Key
Assign currentAge = KeyValuePair.Value

Log Message: "Student Name: " + currentName + ", Age: " + currentAge.ToString()
End For Each

I hope this will help you,This is the sample data so you can easily understand

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