Dialog Box Appears After Clicking Save Button

Hi Team
@loginerror @ClaytonM
In my web page I am clicking the save icon image in that I need to select the drop down “EXCEL”
image i can selected
After that one new web opage will displaying in that i need to save/save as like this

to achieve this : i have done the attach window and then click on save as button but that not able to trigger ?
how to achieve this ?

First you need to check what happens and if it works when you click save as button by yourself. if there is a problem then this is not uipath querry, if it works, but just uipath doesn’t do that then try to set commands like send hotkey down few times after that window appears and click enter.

Yes it’s working.
When you click on SaveAs command next action will be appears like this :

see the above image red box that action i am triggering as next step ok.

that selector one cannot able to find throws an error !!! @kazukauskas

send hotkey down how it is used here on my issues ? without click any event passing directly enter key ?

Need more clear explaination And i am not understand that part !!


after you get that box where it asks to save open or save as, you need to test if it works to select save as button with keybord by tapping down arrow and enter, if it works then you need to add ui path command (send hotkey) and select that window as source, just edit selector as you need.


in this above image save as need to click so in that screen appear at the time it self , hotkey 2 times down and then need to press enter ?

2nd scenario :
but that screen appear at the using click event : i have selector : like this
<wnd app='iexplore.exe' cls='#32770' title='Internet Explorer' />
<wnd aaname='Internet Explorer' cls='DirectUIHWND' />
<wnd cls='Button' idx='3' />

not working properly ?

sometimes, selector doesn’t work for me either, even i compare each and they are same. Then i use arrow keys to navigae, which works without any problems

in that case,
I would advise you to use the arrow keys


Hi @kazukauskas @TAFS_TAFS
This screen appear and i have done Attach window, Set hot key down 2times [one for comes down for save and another down for Sava As] and again hot key for enter

but it is not working through an error only

Alternative way to achieve this here

try clicking / activating by sending a click to the popup first and then send your hotkey down arrow x2 …

what selector are you using to attach to this window?

if it is truly an ungettable selector, you always have the option of screen scraping and clicking a region per OCR

as described in the following threads :