Dial 7 digit extesnion number followed by # using TwiML in Uiapth Twilio scope activity

Hi Team,

I am trying to dial an outbound call to a Tollfree number from a Twilio number and then follow IVR options (press # enter 7 digit extension number). I am using the Twilio Scope activity in UIPath.

Sending the instruction through TwilML as below:

**"<Response><Dial><Number sendDigits='wwwwwwwwwwwwwwww#6375999'>448444443844</Number></Dial></Response>"**

The call is not landing on the extension number.

Anyone can help me with the solution.

Appreciate your help.

Dial : +448444443844

wait for 8 seconds

Enter: #

Enter extension number: 6375999

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After Make Voice Call you can add a delay and pass the next dial in (But do we have activity for this) ?