DevOps integration with UiPath

@badita Do we have DevOps support in UiPath. If yes please help me connect with the correct team we need to understand this in details or else provide any document/link avilable.

Yes, I would like to know more about this subject.

I would like to know more about DevOps for Uipath

DevOps for RPA-converted.pdf (1.1 MB)

This document has step by step guide to build nuget package using jenkins and deploying it to orchestrator. Points to Consider:
1- Source Control: RTC
2- Integration Tool : Jenkins
3- UiPath Version: 2018.3


Any more news about this subject?

Hi Juveria,

In that document, the below zip files are not opening, Could you kindly please share them?

Hello Rajes, Juveria

May i request for Jenkins download and Uipath plugin for Jenkins?