Device ID already registered with Enterprise edition

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I created a VM on Google, and installed uipath community edition, then an error message showed up telling me that this Device ID is already registered with an Enterprise Edition license, is there a way to remove the Device ID from Uipath system to use it as community edition ?

note: a few months ago I created a VM on google and it worked with Uipath community edition, yesterday i opened it, it showed me this error message, that is why I created another VM.

What I noticed is that the two VMs have the same Device ID: 5DGVhw79XrnVcQCl32pC.

Please Help :frowning:


Having the same issue as above. This is my first time installing UiPath CE on an Azure VM.

How do we get our device ID released or is It possible to request a change of ID.


Can a support staff please help ?