Device Id already activated ,trail not allowed after code activation


I downloaded the trail version of 12 weeks of Uipath studio on my system.Now it has been expired.So I am downloading a Community edition but getting this error

I have uninstalled Uipath studio,deleted uipath folder in %Appdata% and uipath folder doesnt exist in %programdata%.

How to get this resolved?


Your trial has expired. You must request a trial extension or enter a valid licence key.

I understand that 12 weeks of trail has expired that’s why I am installing Community version and while opening the community version I am getting this error

Community is not free, it has the same 12 weeks of trial. If those 12 weeks expired prior to installing or because you had in the past another studio installation with a license key, you ll see this message.
Contact the sales team-check website and they might provide you with a trial reset.

Ok.Got your point.
So lets say I install UiPath studio(without any key) on 1st May 2017 and it will expire on 21st July(Aprox 12 weeks).So will I able to install Community version now and start my 12 weeks of community version.

So that I get 24 weeks of total trail(12 weeks of studio trial+12 weeks of community version)