Development via Unattended License


When an Unattended License is assigned, one can open the Studio in order to do some troubleshooting. I often do this but experience some weird behaviour. When filling data in fields often the values are not correctly written. This behaviour happens at very random occasions. Could it be that running a process from the Studio using an Unattended License is less reliable then with a development license. Does anyone have experience with this?

Thanks in advance

No buddy not because of Unattended bot license
and this can be rectified with a small property in TYPE INTO Activity like
it has a property called DelayBetweenKeys where we can set with milliseconds value around 2000 (2 seconds) so that it will ensure that each character is entered without getting missed while typing

we got another option like using SET TO CLIPBOARD where pass the same string input for type into activity here as well
and then use SEND HOT KEY Activity with key as ctrl+v so that it will paste the value from clipboard to that field which is more like copy and paste and that would also ensure that no characters are missed while typing

Cheers @Ward_Cornette