Development Studios linked to Prod Or Non-prod (dev) orchestrator?


I think it’s ideal to have Studio license linked to test/dev orchestrator. what do you advice?


usually in a development prespective…there will be having three servers…
dev, test, prod
–each will be having set of machines like 4 dev machines, 4 test machines, 6 prod machines
–all 4 dev machines will be managed by a single dev orchestrator
–all 4 test machines will be managed by a test orchestrator
–and prod machines by prod orchestrator

its purely based on infrastructure and the need of each firm…on which server the studio should be connected

so its ideal to connect the studio where development is done, to dev orchestrator…because even for test servers we dont need studio, only robot is enough as we are going to directly execute or test the process we have developed by dev connected studio in our test servers or machines

so studio license to dev orchestrator will be fine and test orchestrators can host the test machines which is installed with robot alone,

Cheers @sadhuvijay11


Thanks @Palaniyappan for the info.

Yes, In general Development Studios are linked to Non-Prod Orchestrator.

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