Development Robot fails to run while PC is Locked

I have a community edition licence where I have scheduled a job to run while the pc is locked but the robot type is Development and it fails each time.

Is there a workaround for this?

Hi @rdajee

This is the restriction of the Community Edition. I am afraid there is no official workaround available.

@loginerror Thanks for informing me.

Much appreciated.

I had a similar problem. I run the Robot and I lock my PC just to check weather it will run the background. Every time it used to fail when it had to recognize the Ui-element. After researching for some time i found that solution for this kind of problem is orchestrator. It has a feature that could manage this kind off issues.
I hope this solution might be a bit helpful for you.

Hi @sathwikreddy, and what is that solution? :thinking:

Hi @Jhunior

The Uipath Orchestrator is the solution to that problem. Whenever you publish a Process to the Orchestrator and run the Bot through it. The orchestrator creates its Own remote session when you have disconnected with the server and run all the process through it. If you run a bot through the Orchestrator when the PC is locked since you gave the PC credentials to the BOT it will unlock your pc Performs the operation and locks it back.


Could you please explain me the configuration that you used in order to make the robot unblock the session?

I’m facing a similar issue.
Community Edition, Unattended robot connected to orchestrator.
If session is unblock, I can execute a job through the orchestrator, but if the session is blocked, the process starts, but cannot find selector and finally fails.

Thanks in advance