Development Floating Robot - Not able to run in Unattended mode


I am using Orchestrator 2018.4 and I have converted one of the development robot into floating robot. I have two different development machines. When I login to these different development machines one by one and start robot and run automation it works fine. Robot correctly acquires license and run automation.

But when I am NOT logged into any of these development machines and start automation from Orchestrator, my job goes into pending state as robot is unlicensed and it could not pickup any machine and doesnt start anything.

So with floating robot, i am not able to start the unattended job. How to resolve this issue ?

Floating Robots can be attended or developer robots. It is not intended for other types of robots.

You’d want to have a license for no production robot is you intend to test things without being actively logged in.

but with Development robot we were able to run without being actively logged in (unattended process). and this doesn’t work as soon as I convert same development robot as floating development robot.

Are you by chance using local users?

These types of Robots only work with Active Directory users

I’m just going based on what the documentation indicates, we’re still running 2018.3.1, but if I get a chance to upgrade my test environment, I’ll test it out and let you know.

Might be worth reaching out to the Support team, and letting us know here what the answer is.

nope… I am not using local users. All users are AD users.

Yes, I have just started testing an upgraded environment so thought of getting answers here. I will also go to UiPath support team to get answers. Thanks.

Hello. This will not work, because if you are not logged into a machine with your development floating robot, then there is not a machine associated with your floating robot so Orchestrator does not know on what machine to run your process. I hope this makes sense.

Hello Adrian,

Thanks for reply. But then this means… Development floating robot cannot run un-attended process anymore. And it is same as attended robot.

For now we have option to create floating robots only for Development & Attended robots. And if we can not run un-attended processs on floating development robot then… it doesn’t make sense to have two different options for floating robots.

I was expecting that Floating development robot, will pickup up any available machine and will run un-attended process too. Shouldn’t it be like that?

While a standard development robot can run in an unattended manner, that is not its real purpose, more of a bonus. The main purpose of a development robot is to allow a user to connect their robot to Orchestrator to allow publishing of packages, etc, as well as to license their local instance of Studio.

In some environments, developers access Studio through non-persistent virtual desktops so by having a robot provisioned of type floating development, they can access Studio from any non-persistent virtual desktop that they login to.

The feature that you are more or less describing is a concept of floating unattended robots which at this point in time is not a feature that is supported.

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