Developing in UiPAth for bot on virtual machine

We will have bots running on virtual machines. When we create a project in UiPath to be run on the bot, do we need to use Citrux recording? When developing projects on a local machine, does it need to be configured with the same settings/software/paths as the bots?

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Only if the robot will connect via Citrix/RDP to something else.

Yes. If you will be deploying to a VM, I’d highly recommend to develop on a VM as well (separate dev/test/prod environments are recommended, but they all should be clones).
Do note that the current directory for the robot will be different after publishing, so paths for everything outside project folder need to be absolute (consider using assets there).

In a nuthsell - always develop the workflows from the perspective of how the robot will be running in an environment as close to prod as possible.


my flow is developed in my VM after installing that bot in Orchestrator successfully,while running that process as a job in orchestrator it throws exception like,
Execution error : System.Exception: The volume does not contain a recognized file system.\r\nPlease make sure that all required file system drivers are loaded and that the volume is not corrupted anyone please give solution…?

And after run that job my VM get closed why…?

Not sure this is a UiPath related issue from a quick Google search sounds like the VM may be corrupted.

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@andrzej.kniola I’ve seen a few of these on the forum - any thoughts?


Never heard of UiPath corrupting hard drives.
If it’s in Azure or similar, hard reboot from the panel might help as it should get allocated to a new machine.

Hard to say without knowing the VM specs (at least VM type and OS) and used software (especially full disk encryptions).
I’d probably say that contacting whoever is the sysadmin for that environment is the best bet - on forums we can only guess.

Thanks. I wasn’t suggesting UiPath had caused it :slight_smile: