Developing in two different environments

I have Community Edition installed at office, and I work normally there.
Sometimes, I would like to continue working at home. I have a shared directory, with the files completely synchronized both ways, and I have installed the Community Edition in both places.
In the Orchestrator at office, there are two robots defined, one for production and one for my development.
At home, I would like to use a robot installed on my home machine.
It is ok to make some configuration whenever I change place, for instance enabling/disabling robots or changing the project config.
What would be the best way to handle the two different environments?

Are you executing the robots from Orchestrator but on different Machines? Are you initiating the process via orchestrator or locally on your PC? If you are initiating from Orchestrator I would suggest having an input Argument on Main.xaml where you can specify the path to your config file, that way you can specify the path in the input Parameter of the Job/Schedule.

At home I would run only locally, from inside Studio

You could still have the Argument and change the file location of your config file each time you run. Thats what I do anyway.

Hello @borreo

I agree with the approach @cwedl proposed. It is better than changing the config file all the time which may lead to errors if not updated properly.