Developer Advanced Certification - Theoretical Exam

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Good day! I just finished the 3 required trainings to prepare you for certification (Foundation, Orchestrator and Advanced). Unfortunately, I failed the Theoretical Exam twice and now hesitant to try again. Any tips on how will I get this one? Also, does our company need to pay again if I will fail the Theoretical for the 3rd time? Thanks!


Before attempting next try, First read topics like Orchestarator, REFramework etc…

And also after failing third time also you have to buy vouchers from UIPath and then use it for next attempt I think.

Read the documents supplied with the trainings (as they are more detailed) along with the videos

And depends, you can try requesting Uipath for additional attempts for free which they may or may not agree to, depending on the circumstances of your request

Even I failed twice with theory exam now. What is the score that we need to get to pass the exam? is it 80% or more?


Passmark should be 70% only.

Academy FAQ

oh…ok…Thanks Lakshman…failed with 69% :frowning:

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is it not free anymore?


Yes it’s free till 31st Dec 2019.

Hey wondering if there is any formal review for the theoretical exam or overview of style of questions/breakdown of question categories.
Thank you


Most of the questions will be about REFramework, Orchestrator and Queue. If you know these topics well then you can crack this exam easily.