Developed bot in Uipath studio in AWS, published the nupkg in AWS. How do we execute the nupkg in different machines?

I have Uipath studio in AWS.
I have developed my bot in AWS, publsihed and get the NuGet Package in AWS.
Now i need to run this bot in different machines. How do i achieve it?

  1. What setup/configurations/licenses are required to execute it in other machines if any ?
  2. We do not have orchestrator licence in AWS. Is it mandatory ?

Detailed explanation would be appreciated.

For clarification are you saying you have Orchestrator, just not hosted in AWS or you don’t have Orchestrator at all?

I might suggest reaching out to the Support/Sales team with UiPath to determine what you might need and the associated cost. (Do you fit within the Community Edition guidelines or will you need to purchase a license?)

Orchestrator will help you to manage your robots and deploy your processes, but it isn’t required. You can manually move your NuGet package to where it needs to be for your UiRobot service to pickup (C:\ProgramData\UiPath\Packages by default`). Once there, you’ll be able to run the process from the Robot’s tray or command line.