Develop inside Citrix

We will install the robots inside Citrix environment (XenApp sever) where all the target applications installed, to avoid the screen scraping.

Most of the target client applications are running on windows server 2008, and only available in Citrix.
So probably we will install the Studio also in Ctirix.

we will use the Published Desktop of XenApp servers, to make the developers accessing directly and develop in this environment.

In case of published desktop of XenApp Server
Can I use Record --> Dekstop (no image recording), and access the selectors of the target applications?

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Hi @Sawsan, Since UiPath is installed in the Citrix environment. Yes, you are able to access the applications.

Cheers. Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

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Hi Sawsan, just a small question on my side. how did you manage the login sessions for the unattended robots in XenApp? Did you face any challenges?

Hello Cristina,

actually we changed our solution i mentioned above, and we used the UiPathRunTime that has been released the last year in December to automate the applications published in Citrix
so the unattended bots logged in to the Citrix and access to the published apps.

ok, thanks for the answer.