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Hi Guys, do we have 3 different system landscape dev, test and production like we have in SAP.
I am wondering we should not have since everything is uploaded to cloud orchestrator, how deployment of code is seperated in dev and production system, i guess there is production, once project is published and uploaded in orchestrator it is like deploying the code to production. no 3 seperate systems in UIPath.
pls advice.


usually we will be having three different instances for RPA like you mentioned dev, test and prod
where once developement is done in the studio and published to dev orchestrator it is tested from there being in orchestrator to check whether the published package works fine with orchestrator in an unattended state.
and once that is done the same nupkg package from the folder “C\ProgramData\UiPath\Projects” is taken and uploaded to the test orchestrator and tested with user input data
–once that is done it will be migrated to production for live automation with the realtime data

so this is how the process goes in a RPA Process deployment


Ok. Thanks for the explanation.
But we have studio and robot in Production instance too. Why can not we Develop and Test in the same…???

thats fine
lets take a scenario. we got a process that is under schedule running every 5 mins and is a critical process which cannot be taken out of schedule at any cost
–mean while we got an enhancement to be done in that process, what we will do know…we cant stop the current schedule but mean time we need to develop and test the same process for the enhancement…
here comes the role of each instances so if we have dev instance then we can develop the process with enhancement and test that process in test environment and then deploy the same in prod…with updated package version, so that the schedule will continue without any hindrance

hope this would help you
Cheers @poorna_nayak07

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How about configuring the single orchestrator with multi tenant mode, which have dev and prod as the tenant? Dev mode have their own robot for testing of the nupkg and vice versa. Since its in multi tenant mode, the developer only have access to the Dev robot thus, in the worst case scenario, it will not causing any impact on the prod automation

Can we 2 layer of tenant ? Layer #1 for environment and sub-tenant layer #2 for Business unit within environment ?

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