Dev Dives: Rapidly automate APIs and build custom connectors

The Integration Service product team is happy to invite all to our May 31st, Dev Dives presentation and demos.

Most Integration Service demos begin with an amazing collection of accelerators, or the contents of the Connector Catalog. Here you’ll find approximately 60 prebuilt cross-industry connectors. All API-based connectors are immediately available to help automate workflows across applications such as Salesforce, SAP, Microsoft Office 365, ServiceNow and Adobe Document Services, to name just a very few.

And yes, there is a growing collection of AI and ML connectors, including OpenAI for multi-use case text generation, and AWS SageMaker, whose connector helps deploy ML models into UiPath Studio production workflows without code and time-consuming scripting.

Demo highlights will include:

  • Creating an API connection (and authorization) for integrating systems into an automated workflow
  • Demonstrating the value of curation for both activities and event-driven triggers
  • How to quickly build a custom connector for your next workflow

Plus we’ll show you an automated workflow for integrating Document Understanding with Concur to generate an expense report.

And we certainly won’t miss the opportunity to demo a Lead-to-Nurture use case showing ChatGPT in action.

Please reserve your seat now:

Rapidly Automate APIs and Build Custom Connectors with Integration Service

AMER 9:00am EDT