Determining folder in UiPath that you are in?

I am trying to determine how to retrieve the current folder I am working in in UiPath with a line of vb. I know I can look at the bottom right of my screen, but would like to use the folder name as part of my process to make it more dynamic. Does anyone know how to retrieve this?


Please check this one

Could just use the Get Environment Variable activity and pass in to the invoke code block as an argument.

Thanks but this doesn’t resolve my issue. I am an administrator for Orchestrator and am trying to identify which Orchestrator folder I am in (ie: Admin folder, Accounting folder, Finance folder, etc.). Any thoughts on how to do that?

@L_0 ok so you want to get orchestrator folder

Yes that’s correct

Has no one been able to come up with an answer for this? I need to identify this information and put it in a variable to use as folder names are different between my Dev, Test, and Prod tenants.

I submitted a ticket through the customer portal and was told at this time it’s not possible. I am hoping they make this addition in the future.

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