Determine a "flow decision" by two or one lists?

good afternoon
I will describe the process
I read an excel with “read range” and then get “get row item” data all within a “for each row”

I use the data in the “Cultivo” column

this part is somewhat complicated to understand

very well, in this excel you can see that in the column called “cultivo” several foods come out, I want to group them in a list so to speak, and the others that are highlighted in yellow another group, bone in total we have two food groups

as you saw in the first image there is a “flow decision”, and pass each “row” with the “for each row”

where it detects every item that I need, in this case the item in the “cultivo” column

My goal is to detect which group each item belongs to, since these two groups have a different save

I hope you have understood me and you can help me thanks

Do you want to create a list that contains all items from Cultivo? that would be like:

MyListOfString = (From r As DataRow In DataTable.Rows.Cast(Of DataRow)()
Select CStr(r(“Cultivo”))).ToList

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