Determine a decision

good afternoon

I would like to know how to connect a decision in the same excel, I hope you can understand me

as you can see in the “comentarios” column, a text “tiene ruc” appears, I want to skip this row while doing my process

eye: I am not using any “for each”, because I am using the orchestrator and throws the information by transaction

It should be noted that the information in queues is “DNI” that appears in the excel, through this code I obtain the value of the “comentarios” column, which is a real-time process, that is why once I have written yes owns RUC skips the following sub processes

I hope you can help me and understand me

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Are we trying to read this excel as a datatable
If so once after getting the datatable use a Assign activity like this

datatable = datatable.Select(“[columnname] <> ‘TIENE RUC’ “).CopyToDatatable()

This will fetch all data row except that value

Cheers @borismh

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