Detect download button in the browser

Dear Community,

May i know how we can build the workflow that enable to UIpath detect the download/save button as per screenshot below and click it accordingly.

As the number of save button (per one result researching) could be vary all the time, sometimes it maybe show 3 attachment (3 save button) to click or 5 attachment (5 save button). How we ensure Uipath will click all the document or save button?

Could anyone guide me on how to build this kind of workflow?

Many thanks for your help.

You can try to work with find image matches to identify all buttons.

Edit: To be more specific, Find Image Matches will return an ienumerable of uielements. You can then loop through the collection with for each activity (change type) and perform whichever action you want (like downloading the files) one by one.

Use Find Children


Dear @postwick ,

That’s good idea…never thought of this.

Thank you.

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