Destination path too long error, while trying to copy, move or remove

Users get the “Destination Path Too Long” error while trying to copy, move or remove certain files or folders on Windows operating systems. Most of the time, this error happens because Microsoft has a 256/260 folder and name restriction in place.

Even if the issue is over 20 years old, the bug is still encountered on all the recent Windows versions. Keep in mind that this is not a limitation of NTFS, so changing the format will not remove the issue. The problem is caused by a limitation within the Win32 API library . Most of the standard issued applications (including File Explorer ) will malfunction if the character limit is exceeded.

If you’re currently struggling with this issue, we might be of help. Below you have a collection of methods that have enabled users in a similar situation to resolve the issue. Please follow each potential fix in order until you encounter a method that fixes the “Destination Path Too Long” error.


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Are you referring to the same issue as discussed in this thread

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Do check the two alternative solution in this thread by @otico

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