Desktop screen problem


i want to open one application from desktop, i have used image recording, while i’m run the program i won’t going to the desktop, same uipath screen shown and then it throws the error that image not found.please help.


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You are trying to double click @dilsher_khan?

Instead of that use assign activity and start the application as

process.start("application exe file path ")

Hi @dilsher_khan
Did you try fixing your selector. Thanks


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yes I’m using Double click

Thanks For reply.
I don’t know much about selectors

Its working fine with start process. but why not working with double click?

Hi @dilsher_khan

Is the aaname property in the selector visible ?

Ashwin S

May be some selector or the image recognision issue @dilsher_khan

Actually, instead of double clicking, the process.start is the best and effective way to open the application :slight_smile:

No it not showing.
please can you give me some reference to learn or practice on selectors.

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