Desktop has been disconnected while performing UI actions when sending hotkey


Background is:
the robot is installed in a VM and local computer connects to it with remote desktop.
because the robot is scheduled to run after work, so the remote desktop connection is closed, but the VM is still running on the console.

Issue is:
the error “Desktop has been disconnected while performing UI actions” keep happening every time when robot is sending a hotkey(hotkey is required).

I have tired use the activity “Launch Workflow Interactive” to invoke the related workflow file:

meantime I tired to use the send hotkey activity with both the send WindowMessage property checked or unchecked .

and I pretty sure the robot is running on the VM because I will check the console before leave.

any suggestion on this issue? it is really killing me:cold_sweat: …

I have the same issue but only sometimes.

If our robot executes on the server 2/100 fails because desktop is disconnected.
So it is not always happening.
Btw. we are using the REFramework.