Desktop Disconnected Exception (In UiPath Studio Local execution)

Hi, I have a robot executing into UiPath Studio. But sometimes appears the next exception:

I’m running the Process directly into UiPath Studio with the Play button on a Local Machine (Just in case you want to tell me something about RDP, I’m in local not in remote)

I have UiPath Studio 2017, Windows 10

Let me know if there is a solution to this in a Local machine using UiPath Studio (not orchestrator, not RDP)
Thank you very much

Hi the reason for this exception as per UiPath Document is,
If a RDP connection is started on the robot machine and this machine loses internet connection, even for few seconds, the Robot throws a “Desktop has been disconnected…” exception.

“Find the Note at the end this is same issue which you are facing”

Hi, Thank you for the comment but i still don’t understand.

I’m developing into UiPath Studio, I’m clicking the “Play” Button into UiPath Studio (Without publishing the process).

I really don’t understant how a RDP connection can give me that Exception if I’m not using any connection at all.

And how I can Proceed to resolve the issue? My UiPath needs to wait a minute to try again?

you can handle this in Try Catch and in catch give a delay of 10 secs and try to click again